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Alexander Petroff was a native of Russia who left his native land during the 1917 Revolution.

He came to the United States and taught aeronautical engineering at the University of Michigan before becoming the first director of the aeronautical engineering department at the University of Wichita.

In the late 1920s, the university hired its first aeronautical engineering professor, Alexander Petroff, who supervised the construction of Wichita’s first wind tunnel housed on the campus. The tunnel was financed through the cooperative efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and the aviation manufacturers and was the beginning of a strong collaboration between the university and community, servicing the needs of the growing aviation industry in Wichita.

The university's first wind tunnel was built in 1928 by aerospace engineering professor Alexander Petroff and three of his students, one of whom was Duane Wallace, who went on to become president of Cessna Aircraft Co.

He later became an engineer with Cessna in Wichita and taught at several universities.

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