Bradley Hobbard Young

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Nasceu em 1910.

Veio para o Brasil em 1949.

Professor Pleno, foi chefe do Departamento de Operações e Manutenção da Divisão de Aerovias em 1956 e 1957.

Retornou para os Estados Unidos em 1957.

Faleceu em 1974.

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  7. Obituário de Lorraine Reeder Young transcrito abaixo antes que desapareça nas brumas da internet:

Lorraine Reeder Young Passed away peacefully Aug. 9, 2006. Lorraine was born in Moscow, ID in 1909 and grew up in Calistoga, CA. Her son Chase Young and daughter-in-law Judith Branch survive her. She was greatly loved by her family and will be much missed. She graduated from UCLA and received a masters in fine arts from Columbia Univ. in 1934. An artist and a lifelong teacher, Lorraine pursued her interests in pre-Columbian art and other antiquities as well as travel. She continued her love of teaching throughout her life, whether it was supervising other teachers in her early career, giving lectures on Inca culture and textiles, or guiding her family. She had a tremendous sense of dedication and remarkable business acumen.

In 1936 she married Bradley H. Young (1910-1974) in the Panama Canal Zone and joined him in Lima, Peru where he was chief engineer at Pan American Grace Airways. Lorraine took leadership roles in several charitable organizations including the Lima USO during WWII. In 1949 the Young family moved to Brazil where Brad helped found the Brazilian Air Force Aeronautical University (CTA) and became academic dean. Lorraine organized the American Grammar School at the CTA. While in Brazil the family spent several months each year traveling throughout South America, around Cape Horn, up the Amazon, and to Europe via unconventional modes of travel. The family returned to the US in 1957 and moved to Los Altos Hills, where she resided until moving into Channing House retirement community in Palo Alto in 1985. Lorraine was a 75-year member of the PEO Sisterhood, and a member of ADPi Sorority.

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