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Autor de dois consagrados dicionários ingles-portugues de termos técnicos, o Dicionário de Eletricidade, de 1977 e o Dicionário de Máquinas e Ferramentas, de 2000, ambos publicados pela Tech Books, editora pertencente ao autor.

Esses dicionários foram objeto de um review por Naomi de Moraes, uma americana radicada no Brasil, que escreveu o seguinte:

I would like to bring two wonderful English<>Brazilian Portuguese dictionaries to the attention of all engineering translators. They were both self-published by Emmanuel J. Peralta, a retired engineer and former professor at ITA (once a very good engineering school, falling into decay due to poor professor salaries.) During his many years in industry, he was involved with the implementation of the USIBA (Usina Siderúrgica da Bahia) and the COSIPA (Usina Siderúrgica Paulista), the first General Motors and Ford factories, and projects in the areas of shipping, agriculture, and construction. I spoke to him on the telephone and he said that early in his career, everything arrived with foreign names and he had to coin new words as he went along. It is a pity the computer engineers did not take the time to do this - now we are stuck with mouses next to our keyboards.

The two dictionaries are Dicionário de Eletricidade (1997) and Dicionário de Máquinas e Ferramentas (2000), both published by "Tech Books", his own company. Both books have over 300 pages. The cover of the first says it includes: equipment, components, installations, tools, materials, circuits, diagrams, and protection. The cover of the second claims it includes: industry, mining, agriculture, construction, transport, gardening (a hobby perhaps?), machine parts, and instruments. The electricity dictionary has some pictures, but the machines one has many more. Page 205 of the second dictionary shows 12 types of valves, including a pressure reducing valve, a needle valve, a globe valve, a gate valve, and a butterfly valve. The names are given in English in the figures and the reader must then search for the individual entry in the dictionary. The entry for pressure reducing valve is:

(hid.) válvula redutora de pressão; uma válvula utilizada para reduzir a pressão do fluído de uma tubulação. 201 - 1 where hid. indicates hydraulics and the number at the end indicates that the entry is shown on page 201, figure 1. Each entry usually contains a translation followed by a description.

Another page shows 28 types of screws, bolts and washers! An example from the electricity dictionary is:

knob insulator: isolador roldana; um isolador de porcelana ou de material plástico utilizado em forros de residências sobre estruturas de madeira, providos de um furo para fixação por parafuso (entry accompanied by figure).

Both dictionaries contain reverse glossaries at the end so the dictionary can be used from Portuguese into English.

The books can be purchased in Brazilian bookshops, but his distributor is not very efficient, so contact him directly for faster service (and you can tell him I sent you!):

  • Av. Piassanguaba, 946
  • 04060-001 São Paulo-SP
  • (11) 5581-1445
  • techbooks@ig.com.br

Naomi James Sutcliffe de Moraes was born in Detroit, Michigan, and completed a B.S. in mechanical engineering and her M.S in physics, both at UCLA. After graduation, she worked in the defense industry on radar and tracking projects before moving to Brazil. There, she began translating technical documents (Portuguese↔English), fell in love with languages, and is now working towards a Ph.D. in Lusophone African literature at the University of São Paulo. She has a diploma in translation/interpreting from Associação Alumni and now teaches Scientific, Engineering and Medical Translation in the same program.

She is one of the two principals in the translation agency Just Right Communications, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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