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CITIZENSHIP:​​​​ Double citizenship, Brazilian and Italian.

FOREIGN LANGUAGES:​​​ English, French, Spanish and Italian: reads, writes and speaks fluently, in addition to native Portuguese.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Several and frequent business trips since 1981 until today to more than 50 countries in Africa, Europe and the Americas.


2014-present: ALPHA CENTAURI EMPREENDIMENTOS IMOBILIÁRIOS LTDA, a real estate projects company for urban areas, as partner and director.

2007-2014: JCCONSULT LTDA. • As a Consultant to 3 companies interested in the 1st round of big airports concessions by providing feasibility studies and sensitivity analysis; • By assisting foreign companies to participate in official bidding rounds in E&P in Brazil; • As a consultant in the oil and gas sector, by enabling Brazilian companies to enter the West Africa upstream service market; • As a trader in the supply of petroleum products into West Africa; • As a consultant for new ethanol production projects in Brazil for export.

2007-2012: ENERBRAS INC. as First Vice Chairman, responsible for planning and strategic corporate initiatives of the company, the development of upstream assets for the exploration of oil offshore West Africa, and the strategic placement of an international bulk oil storage terminal with Alfapetro Ghana Limited.

2004–2006: COIMEX TRADING COMPANY, the biggest Brazilian export company in ethanol. In charge of petroleum products and ethanol markets in Africa, focused on Nigeria, having signed MOU with NNPC for supplying Brazilian ethanol and helping them develop local sugar-cane production;

1997-2003: THE COASTAL CORPORATION / EL PASO CORPORATION, oil and gas American companies, as International Vice-President, and President of COASTAL DO BRASIL LTDA, following up their interests in the oil and gas E&P sectors in the country, as well as heading the discussions for the sale of refining/distribution assets in the US;

1989-1997: HYDROCARBON RESOURCES LIMITED, oil and products trading company with offices in London and Rio de Janeiro, as Partner and Commercial Director, in charge of markets of Africa, Europe and Latin America;

1987-1989: DREYFUS ENERGY LTD, in London, as trader for Africa and Latin America, with office in Rio de Janeiro;

1984-1987: SIGMOIL RESOURCES LIMITED, Geneva, as trader for Africa and Latin America;

1979-1984: PETROBRAS, in the Commercial/Foreign Trade Area. During 1979, attendance of the Petrobras course, CISUP, with subsequent allocation to the Commercial Department and the International Subsidiary Interbras in market development of Africa and Latin America.


Former President of AEITA, Association of Engineers of ITA/ Rio de Janeiro; Former Director of Special Projects in AEITA Brazil; Member of the British and of the American Chambers of Commerce.

GRADUATION:​​​ ​Mechanical Engineering by ITA - Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, in 1978.


E&P Business Management Program, by IBP, Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels, Rio de Janeiro, in 2008.​

​​​​​​Macro - Economy and International Trade by FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, in 1983.​

CISUP – Oil and Products Importation and Supply, by Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, in 1979.

Turma de 1978

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