Mauricio Breternitz Junior

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Senior Software Researcher at Advanced Micro Devices - Austin, Texas area


  • Senior Software Researcher at Advanced Micro Devices


  • Senior Software Researcher at Intel Corporation
  • Senior developer at Times N Systems
  • Senior engineer at Motorola, INC
  • Senior engineer at IBM


  • Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D.
  • Universidade Estadual de Campinas, M.Sc.
  • ITA, B.Sc.

Mauricio Breternitz’s Summary

Mauricio is an energetic and innovative researcher with interest in real-life solutions with practical impact.

For his current employer, Mauricio conceived and pushed through deployment innovative algorithmic & microarchitectural ideas that have had significant positive product impact (estimated upwards of $18M).

He holds 15 U.S. patents and has several more pending in areas related to compilation, code optimization, binary translation, processor, cache and memory system organization and cryptography. Mauricio received the Electronics Engineer degree with honors at ITA-Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, Brazil, a MSc in Computer Science at UNICAMP, Brazil and the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University. He worked on parallelizing compilers for a research multiprocessor and for VLIW architectures, on binary translation of x86 codes, on IP telephony libraries and on parallelizing database server programs. He worked at IBM (TJWatson and Austin), Motorola, Intel and TimesN Systems, an Austin startup.

Mauricio Breternitz’s Specialties:

Compiler research and development, binary translation, processor (micro)architecture, cache organization, code compression, code optimization, computer graphics & rendering architectures

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