Pedro Américo Szente

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Após um período ensinando no ITA no final dos anos 50, foi para Stanford onde escreveu a dissertação de mestrado
Generation of Sub-millimeter Radiation by a Bunched Beam of Relativistic Electrons
publicado pelo Department of Electrical Engineering da Stanford University em 1962, de onde extraímos esse "Abstract":

"The interaction of a bunched beam of relativistic electrons with several different microwave circuits was analyzed, with a view toward the generation of electromagnetic radiation in the sub-millimeter wavelength region. Because of relativistic effects, it was possible to use structures which had dimensions large compared to the desired wavelength. A relativistic electron beam was obtained from a traveling-wave linear accelerator which operated at a frequency of 9288 Mc/sec. The interaction properties predicted by theory were compared with the experimental results obtained from resonant cavities, from a dielectric loaded slow-wave structure, and from two other special structures: a magnetic undulator and a sinuous waveguide. In the case of the magnetic undulator, approximately 150 Mw were generated at 5.4 mm, and 35 Mw at 1 mm. The shortest wavelength observed was 0.4 mm at a power level of 40 w. The methods of power transmission and of measurement of wavelength and impedance used in this study were largely adapted to submillimeter wavelengths from optical techniques. Optical spectrometers and filters were used, as well as wavemeters and reflectometers that were modifications of optical interferometers. A square-law power detector was built by using a bolometer in a system that permitted the measurement of peak power at levels as low as tens of microwatts. Special crystals were also used as detectors."

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