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}}|40px|This page is {{#switch:{{{type}}}



 style="v-align:center; align=left;" {{#switch:{{{type}}}
|full=This page is currently protected from editing
|semi=Editing of this {{#ifeq:Predefinição||article|page}} by new or unregistered users is currently disabled
|move=This {{#ifeq:Predefinição||article|page}} is currently protected from page moves
|indef=This page is protected from editing indefinitely
|office=This {{#ifeq:Predefinição||article|page}} is currently protected from editing
|create=Recreation of this {{#ifeq:Predefinição||article|page}} has been disabled

}}{{#ifeq:{{{type}}}|indef||{{#if:| until {{#time:F j, Y|{{{expiry}}}}}}}}}{{{reason}}}.
{{#ifeq:{{{dispute}}}|yes|This protection is
not an endorsement of the {{#ifeq:{{{type}}}|move|current title|current version}}.}} See the protection policy and protection log for more details. {{#switch:{{{type}}}

|full|indef=Please discuss any changes on the talk page; you may use the  template to ask an administrator to make the edit if it is supported by consensus. {{#ifeq:Predefinição|MediaWiki||You may also request that this page be unprotected.}}
|semi=If you cannot edit this {{#switch:Predefinição|=article|Arquivo=image|#default=page}} and you wish to make a change, you can {{#ifeq:Predefinição|Predefinição Discussão||discuss changes on the talk page,}} request unprotection, log in, or create an account.
|move=The page may still be edited but cannot be moved until unprotected. Please discuss any suggested moves on the talk page or at Wikipedia:Requested moves.  You can also request that the page be unprotected.  
|office=If you are able to edit this page, please discuss all changes and additions on the talk page first. Do not remove protection from this article unless you are authorized by the Wikimedia Foundation to do so.
|create=Please see the {{#if:|[[{{{xfd}}}|deletion discussion]] or the}} deletion log for details of why this page was deleted. If you would like to create a page at this title, you must first request for it to be unprotected, or for the deleted material to be restored via deletion review.

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