Roberto Otto Alvim Thiele

De wikITA

Expand Amsterdam, 31/Out/2006
Thiele recebe seu diploma das mãos do Prof Olegário Peres em 1987

20+ years professional experience; expert on network services (IP, mobile and others).

Managing Partner at Result, present in 20+ countries working as growth partner for successful TIME (Telecom Internet IT Media Entertainment) companies, specially in their international expansion.

Started 30+ ventures of all kinds (small/mid/large), in many functions (executive, partner, consultant, general manager). Most of these were internet centric and network intensive, such as mobile carrier, on line promotion, ISP, trunking, paging, int'l long distance reseller and fiber carrier.

Latin America Director for GTE Internetworking/Genuity (now Verizon) from 1999 to 2003.

Lead the marketing team in São Paulo at BCP (now CLARO/Americas Movil) from 1997 to early 1999 (start up).

Skills on sales, marketing, strategy, business development, general management.

Member of several associations related to Alumni, Corporate Governance, International Relations and Communications.

At Result works in several projects, including the role as Managing Partner of Value4Net.

Turma de 1987

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